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I want statistics about DW/BI, I mean for .e.g.

1) How many companies use DW/BI in Pune/India?

2) How many institutes train on DW/BI?

3) How much is it (DW/BI) in demand if one optes for a career in DW/BI?

In short whatever possible info about DW/BI.

Looking forward for a favourable reply.

With Best Regrds Sushil

asked 06 Aug '10, 12:27

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Hi Sushil,

As a BI professional, I can say that the future is very bright for BI and BI developers. I doubt that there are good institutes in Pune that train on BI. And almost all the big and medium level companies use BI to enhance their performance and market value.


answered 24 Feb '11, 12:34

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Pratik Raj
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edited 01 Mar '11, 08:25

Hi! Pratik,

Thanks a lot for you reply.

regards Sushil


answered 25 Feb '11, 06:46

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Sushil 1
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Hi Sushil, Welcome. If you found it correct, please mark it as an answer so that others too can identify with it. And, if u found it useful, plz care to vote. :)

(18 Mar '11, 11:57) Pratik Raj

A lot of companies use DW/BI, most consulting/analytics/software companies use it to some extent. There is a great scope to learn and ample opportunities within India and even within Pune. There are a lot of institutes that do BI/DW training as well. There are almost infinite jobs that pay well, with great demand! Everyday I get 2-3 mails from Naukri requiring people with Informatica/SQL skills!


answered 05 May '11, 08:36

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