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how come pune - despite being so geographically close to mumbai the metro hero of india - is far behind in development and progress it whatever field or criteria !!

asked 24 Feb '11, 07:25

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Various reasons. Here are some I can think of

  • Mumbai is a port, Pune is not. Historically, ports have had lots of importance, and are more important for commerce than inland cities
  • Pune hasn't lived up to its potential precisely because of Mumbai. It sort-of falls in the "shadow" of Mumbai. For example, any company that wants to open a store/regional office for the western region will pick Mumbai over Pune. Hence Pune gets far lower than its fair share of anything.
  • No international airport. With Mumbai's airport being just 2-1/2 hours away, nobody feels enough urgency to create a real international airport for Pune. This significantly hurts Pune as far as foreign visitors, foreign collaborations etc. are concerned.
  • Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. So, obviously, it advances more than non-capital cities.

answered 25 Feb '11, 04:27

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Navin Kabra ♦♦
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Because it it so close to Mumbai. Sometimes geographical closeness is a disadvantage.

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answered 24 Feb '11, 11:55

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Vikram Karve
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well, i have a very simple answer for your query my friend. We dont have 'local trains' here to connect closeset of the places :) Thats why most of the mumbaittes assume pune to be less developed. But note one thing,there is very less of slum type habitation here when compared to mumbai.


answered 25 Feb '11, 06:11

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My friend Rajsri, I think the question is ambiguous. You need to come up with data - hard data. Else, its more a personal perspective.

Au contraire' (to the contrary) Despite not being the capital city, I think Pune is doing a decent job (compared to other cities).

Consider that the capital cities corner a lot of the developmental funds:

  1. Mumbai has more than 7 times the revenue budget but less than 2 times the area to spend it on

  2. Most central funds for city developments get allocations to Mumbai. Pune has been the beneficiary from JNNURM only (of significance)

  3. A higher immigration rate than Mumbai (people like you and me)

I have been in Pune 3 years now. And feel it is doing better, despite, rather inspite of, the above and what Navin has said. Now, if only the powers that be in Mumbai can help this city a little !


answered 26 Feb '11, 01:08

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Hello there,

Accidentally came across this page. I am surprised to discover "Pune not as advanced as Mumbai". Truth is contrary.

Honestly, lets not blame proximity to Mumbai as reason. There is no shortfall of political sympathizers for Pune city. Capital is not a problem. It is not exactly a question of volume. And its not even a question of advancement. Revenue collections of PCMC have a different story to tell.

The sad truth is that Puneites are so numbly ensconced in their hollow arrogance and ostrich mindset that even though they do better on a scale of advancement, the hopelessly obstinate mind sets them back to Neanderthal state. Pune is an eye opener for racism and class discrimination, and the patrons are no less expensively educated in perhaps some elite institutions around the world! - Schadenfruede! as they say.

Just look at the pathetic situation that Pune city is in today. And yet, no Puneite will even pause to reflect on the direction things are going. Have the transport facilities improved to gain the citizens confidence? Does the city that a decade ago boasted of highest density of 2 wheelers still reveres shallow pride for the same even today?

So much for American pragmatism. Just sample number of Puneites having some ties to the great land of Obama ;). Back in college days, one could not help noticing willing and wannabe White house interns teeming up in the city.

The thought that Pune is not advanced as Mumbai is nothing but utter nonsense. The real problem is the self centered Puneite who thinks that being Punekar is a favor to mankind.


answered 03 Jun '11, 05:20

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