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Hi we are looking for a good OB/GYN in Pune. Any good hospital recommendations are also appreciated.

Would be moving into Viman Nagar Area.

asked 12 Dec '09, 14:24

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Arun Thandapani
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edited 15 Dec '09, 00:20

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Navin Kabra ♦♦

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Jyothi Unni, who practices at Jehangir Hospital. You should be able to find contact info on the web or by calling Jehangir hospital.

Earlier, I used to recommend Dr. Meeta Nakhare, who practices at Ratna and Joshi hospitals, and has a clinic on Laxmi Road. Both my kids were delivered by her, we were very happy with her, and I do believe she is a very good doctor. But recently, based on recommendations of people I respect & trust, I'm no longer recommending her. :-(


answered 13 Dec '09, 04:21

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Navin Kabra ♦♦
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+1 for Dr Unni. She is popular and considered a good doctor in academic circles as well.

(13 Jan '10, 16:12) Ankur P

We have started using Dr.Unni and would highly recommend her. Thank you so much for your Suggestion Navin.

(19 Jun '10, 17:56) Arun Thandapani

Gupte Hospital, Deccan gymkhana. I know it is not very close to Viman Nagar, but seems to be a pretty popular name. hospital with state of the art facilities. No first hand experience though


answered 14 Dec '09, 10:40

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Arati Halbe
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+2 :-) First-hand experience, two kids born there.

(02 Dec '10, 05:12) Neeran

Dr. Achyut Umranikar, practices at Meera Hospital, near Golibar maidan. Experienced practitioner


answered 14 Dec '09, 10:41

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Arati Halbe
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My second kid is born with the aid of Dr Jyoti Unni. She is at Jehangir Hospital and with army background. I love her though a few found her rude. But she always answered my questions. Infact allowed my hubby to be in the OR during my C-sec and allowed photos to be clicked step by step pics.

Dr Manjari Joshi is also excellent and in there with Jehangir. Dr Rao is the HOD of Gyn.

I personally prefer going to big hospitals for any surgical process as they are equipped with any emergencies.

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answered 15 Jan '10, 17:45

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My eldest was delivered by Dr. Unni at Jehangir. We found her to be professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Dr. Phadnis at Oyster and Pearl Hospital (Shivajinagar) is also a senior Practitioner known for his ethical practice of medicine.

Declaration of interest- I work at O&P hospital.


answered 20 Jan '10, 05:50

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Dr. Bhooshan...
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We had our first child with Dr. Zohara Siamwala. A great doctor, sits in Kondhwa, Camp and does deliveries at Jehangir or Ruby. She is a great doctor for first timers (like us) and people who want more hand holding. She is very easy to talk to and spent alot of time just making us comfortable. We spoke to some of the doctors other people have mentioned but did not find them to be as accessible. Dr. Siamwala is a good doctor and more importantly has great people skills.

Delivery was in Jehangir, great hospital. Wife was in labor for 12 hours and there was a non-stop string of docs checking up on her!


answered 19 Jan '10, 17:55

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Anant Gairola
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For my second baby i was consulting Dr. Jyoti Unni. Even i found her a bit rude but to the point. But, at the time of delivery she was out of station and the C-section was done by Dr. Manjiri . But i would still recommend Dr.Rao. Only problem with her is she would be out of india for 3-4 months in a year. You need to check your dates accordingly.



answered 20 Jan '10, 04:23

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Hi Navin

Any specific experience with Dr Meeta ?


answered 06 Sep '10, 06:09

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Hi Navin Would please share why your opinion has changed about Dr Nakhare


answered 29 Sep '10, 10:20

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Mohan 1
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Dr Mangala wani has delieverd my son.She is very proffessional and informative.She and her team always made me and my husband feel comfortable.She is very attentive,efficient and brillient.I would highly reccomend Dr Mangala Wani.She was abroad(in Uk,Ireland and Abudhabi)for 20 years and about 3 years ago she has come back to India.Though highly qualified,she is down to earth and gives us time.Her clinic is at Model colony and she is affliated to ratna,Shashwat and Jahangir hospital.She is definitely the best.I travelled every other week to see her and wouldn't do it any other way.


answered 05 Jul '11, 07:33

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