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What can people do in and around Pune on the weekends? I am pretty sure there are plenty of activities like hiking, lazing around in a park, visiting a zoo, etc. Also, what about kids activities such as mini-golf, bowling, arcade games, etc.

asked 12 Dec '09, 16:06

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Kids activities:

  • Mini-golf is available at Soul in ABC Farms Koregaon Park. Highly recommended - my kids love it.
  • Arcade games
    • F123 at the top floor of Kakade CityCenter Mall (or is it CenterPort mall?, the one next to E-square, with Odyssey on the ground floor) is a pretty good place for arcade games and other kids games
    • 3D destination fun is in Mukund nagar (a little south of Swar Gate)
    • Wonderfunkey, located on the Pune Bangalore highway (aka Dehu Katraj bypass), about 4 km south of Chandani Chowk
  • Also check out the best museums for children to visit
  • Paintball. There is a place somewhere in Pune where you can play paintball, but I forgot where it is. (There was on on Baner road which closed down; but there's one more.) Maybe someone else can fill in the details. Or google for it.
  • Zoo: the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo (a little south of Swar Gate) is a good place, but a little tiring, since you have to walk quite a bit. Try to go in winter - it will be too hot/sunny in Summer. Open all days, as far as I know.
  • If the kids know stories of Shivaji, Tanaji, etc. then take them to the forts (especially Sinhagad) and re-tell them the story at the location. They love this. Show them, for example, the place from where Tanaji and his men climbed Sinhagad using a ghorpad. Even Lal Mahal, though boring for adults becomes very interesting to kids once they know about Shaista Khan. (Also check out the list of forts accessible by motorable roads
  • Ishanya mall has a nice laser show at "sundown" (i.e. whenever it gets dark) that kids would enjoy
  • Shaniwarwada has a light and sound show at 7pm & 8pm.
  • Climb hills. Pune has a tradition of climbing hills. The most popular ones are Parvati, Hanuman Hill (the one off Law College Road). Or even Chatushringi hill. Also, the little hill on Baner Road (just past Symantec) is also nice. On most of these hills, you can take kids of about 4years and above. Make it a picnic with snacks and water.
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answered 13 Dec '09, 06:02

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Shaniwar Wada and the Ishanya Mall have a laser and light show on specific days. Worth checking that out as well.

(15 Dec '09, 07:31) Saurabh Jain

Thanks Saurabh. I've incorporated those in my answer.

(15 Dec '09, 22:44) Navin Kabra ♦♦

Is F123 still in business? Someone mentioned that it might have shut down. Looking for confirmation

(18 Dec '09, 06:42) Abhijit Atha...

Joshi's train museum off Karve road, Near Karishma apartments is a hit with kids and like minded adults. good place to visit with european guests who generally love miniature mechanical things especially if they are in the form of trains.

(20 Dec '09, 05:26) Dr. Bhooshan...

Does anyone have the phone number for Soul? Their website seems to have vanished

(20 Dec '09, 10:05) Abhijit Atha...

You can also do river rafting near Pune. It is about a 2 hr drive towards Tamhini Ghats and further on. Quite a bit of fun. Everyone can participate whether they know swimming or not.

Here is the URL:

The site contains contact information. I had been there in Winter on a weekday. It was fun. The folks claimed that the rapids are larger in Summer. I intended to go there this summer but somehow missed out.


answered 13 Dec '09, 07:01

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Subhojit Roy
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Subhojit can you post some more details about it. Any contact info etc. would be helpful too.

(13 Dec '09, 16:47) Abhinav S

+1 more information would be great

(14 Dec '09, 11:12) Abhijit Atha...

Added the URL for river rafting to my original post.

(14 Dec '09, 17:16) Subhojit Roy

You can also check out Choki Dhani The place is an absolute delight to visit - especially if you have a family.

Went there a couple of weeks ago with my cousins and relatives and the kids went completely beserk!

They charge Rs. 300 per head with unlimited Rajasthani food and lots of other things to do and eat inside.

It is located off Nagar Road right next to the Ganga Retreat Club.


answered 15 Dec '09, 07:29

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Saurabh Jain
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I visited the 19th Hole Restaurant yesterday (about 1/2 a Km further ahead from BBQ nation on Nagar Road). It is part of a Golf Setting - known as Golfway. There is a 18 hole quirky golf course there + video games and some other games that kids (and adults) can enjoy. There is a restaurant that serves Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisine as part of it. It is a veg. restaurant and serves decent food that is medium priced.

Wonderfunky is also ok - it has games of all sorts + snacky junk food available.

One could just take kids to Sambhaji Park. Its a nice place to stroll and there are many interesting trees there which kids might enjoy. There is also a fish aquarium attached to it.


answered 13 Dec '09, 06:59

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Subhojit Roy
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I also saw a board for an aquarium opposite the Deccan Gymkhana Bus-stand. Anyone visit this place? I think it is called the blue whale aquarium

(14 Dec '09, 11:13) Abhijit Atha...

Surya Shibir, near warasgao back waters is a neat place to spend the day. They have a website which lists all their activities as well as fares. One can plan 1/2 day, full day, overnight trips. Food available


answered 14 Dec '09, 10:47

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Arati Halbe
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  1. Bicycling - lots of places. And a very dedicated group of avid bikers to go with. If you want more details, join the Google group at You will find bikers of all types and caliber.

  2. Giving back to society - Join the NSCC Pune Green Pune Movement. They are involved in planting trees on the hills around us, and starting drives to ensure bio-diversity etc. (played a key role in saving Baner / Pashan hills from the builders so far). Contact Gautam at or visit


answered 17 Dec '09, 18:50

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Ecogrid one lovely place near Tamhini ghats, around 2 hours from Pune. Close to nature.

  • Kids would love it
  • Good activities
  • Ideal for one day trip, family get togethers or simply unwinding

Check Facebook group to access more photos.


answered 18 Dec '09, 05:54

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Nala Park / Osho Garden is a great place to spend some quite time.


answered 20 Dec '09, 05:28

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I guess Wine Tasting is another thing that one could potentially consider. NarayanGaon and other places ... Mentioning that here because its something unique to this region that I doubt can be done in any other Indian state.


answered 25 Dec '09, 17:23

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Subhojit Roy
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  • Paragliding. Heard about one near Kamshet and Pachgani.
  • Visit dams. Khadakwasala, Panshet, Temghar, Bhushi, ...
  • Visit area around Amby Valley, Lavasa

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