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What semiconductor companies, i.e. working in VLSI or embedded systems, or EDA (electronic design automation), or any other field related related to semiconductors have a non-trivial development presence in Pune?

Here is a running list list consolidated from everybody's answers. Keep adding answers, and I'll keep updating this list.

  • Airtight Networks - Wireless network security products. Includes hardware.

  • AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits Corporation) - (details needed)

  • C-DAC does work in VLSI/embedded/EDA/semiconductor. See the webpage of their hardware technologies department for details. Not sure if their Pune center is also involved in this.

  • eInfoChips - They are a design and verification services company, with focus on the latter. They established the Pune center to set up an ODC for Qlogic around 2004. Since then, they have expanded.

  • Indra Networks - has a R&D centre in Pune for about 8 years. It is involved in developing FPGA based data compression cards used in backup servers.

  • Ishnatek - VLSI front-end and back-end design

  • KPIT Cummins - has both hardware as well as embedded systems

  • LSI Logic - LSI’s presence in Pune came through the acquisition of Metta technologies, a multimedia SOC and software company. They do a lot of work on ASIC design and verification

  • Marvell Semiconductor - A fabless semiconductor company doing networking & communications devices. The Pune dev center mainly does software, though

  • Mindtree - Has a presence in Pune in Semiconductor - Hinjewadi. They took over a startup company last year. They do work in digital ASIC/SoC, Analog/Mixed Signal ICs and FPGAs.

  • Nevis Networks - hardware based LAN security and Network Access Control

  • NVidia - does a lot of work in Pune. Pune is likely to become one of their biggest dev centers in the coming years

  • Patni - has a hardware division

  • Persistent Systems - does embedded systems services

  • QLogic - (details needed)

  • Quartics technologies - (what do they do?)

  • Sasken - Started its Pune center in 2004 to focus on VLSI design including Analog and Mixed-Signal designs.

  • Silicon Machine - Development and training in DSP, speech, audio, image, video and embedded systems

  • Softdel - Embedded systems services

  • Tensilica - Tensilica’s Pune design center was set up in 2006. According to their news release, the Pune team is working on a number of projects, including next-generation integrated processors, software and system design automation tools, and advanced multimedia architecture/applications for cell phones, portable media and digital TV. It also works on the company’s TIE (Tensilica Instruction Extension) compiler for automated hardware and software generation from high-level processor description.

  • Uniquify - VLSI front-end and back-end services

  • Virage Logic - (details needed)

  • Wipro - has some hardware work in Pune - not sure of exact details

  • Wavelet has some projects in hardware

If you know any more companies, add them as a new answer, and someone will add it here. If you have additional info about the companies below, add that info as a comment, and someone will incorporate that info.

(Please give your answers below in the following format. - Name of company, one-liner about what work they do in Pune, website. Please don't forget to give the URL of the website of the company. That reduces my work. Thanks.)

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asked 29 Nov '09, 02:13

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Navin Kabra ♦♦
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  1. Conexant closed down its Pune center in November.
  2. Other companies that exist in Pune: Imagination Technologies, AMCC, Virage Logic, QLogic

answered 08 Dec '09, 07:52

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Wipro has some hardware work (not sure about exact details)
Patni has a hardware division in Pune
Wavelet has some projects in hardware
KPIT cummins- both hardware and embedded
Quartics Technologies


answered 08 Dec '09, 08:09

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edited 08 Dec '09, 08:14

Indra Networks Pvt Ltd. Has a R&D centre in Pune for about 8 years.It is involved in developing FPGA based data compression cards used in backup servers.


answered 08 Dec '09, 08:15

Sachin%20Bhutada's gravatar image

Sachin Bhutada
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SoftDel : Embedded system services

Uniquify : VLSI front end and back end services

Core Objects : Embedded systems

Persistent Systems : Embedded

Also I am not sure if NiTal team still exists. I think their people joined CoreObjects.

eInfochips and QLogic are essentially different


answered 08 Dec '09, 10:14

Arati%20Halbe's gravatar image

Arati Halbe
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Are you only looking for companies that provide embedded/VLSI services, IP providers and subsidiaries of foreign companies? Or, can product companies also be included in this?

Going through the PuneChips mailing list, I can see additional candidates for this list:

  1. Ishnatek: VLSI front/backend design
  2. Silicon Machine: Some sort of DSP provider
  3. Marvell Semiconductor: I think they have a Pune design center
  4. Airtight networks: No idea what they do.

answered 08 Dec '09, 10:43

Abhijit%20Athavale's gravatar image

Abhijit Atha...
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Abhijit, certainly product companies should be included!

(08 Dec '09, 10:50) Navin Kabra ♦♦

OK. I can add

ID Technologies, which designs and develops bar code printers:

Electronica Group, which designs and develops industrial automation products among other things:

I am sure there are many others who design products using embedded systems.

(10 Dec '09, 17:14) Abhijit Atha...

C-DAC does work in VLSI/embedded/EDA/semiconductor. Not sure if their Pune center is also involved in this. Must say their website is very unhelpful in this regard.


answered 08 Dec '09, 18:09

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answered 11 Dec '09, 09:44

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milind 1
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Mindtree also has a presence in Pune in Semiconductor - Hinjewadi. They took over a startup company last year.

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answered 14 Dec '09, 09:57

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about CDAC: "Not sure if their Pune center is also involved in this." Pune center is where most of the hardware work of CDAC occurs.. their Hardware Groups has developed PARAM supercomputer and it is being redesigned, redeveloped as per latest technologies available.

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answered 22 Dec '09, 13:46

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milind 2
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Imagination Technologies is also a big product company in Pune. ( Its into ip cores (Audio/video/communications/graphics etc.) A lot of work including software/firmware/framework/VLSI/Compilers is done here and the company is expanding its base here in Pune. Its located at Bhosale Nagar.

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answered 23 Dec '09, 04:27

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