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What is the going rate for bungalow properties (ready to buy and plot rate) in Lavasa?

asked 02 Jan '10, 06:37

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I don't thing they have opened bookings for next phase yet. I would also like to get update on this.

(02 Jan '10, 08:35) Shekhar

This is absolutely the latest. Just got a mail from Lavasa people:

Current offerings: Apartments: 233 units of Studio, 1 BHK, 1½ BHK and 2 BHK (Saleable Area ranging from 560 sq. ft. to 1594 sq. ft.) Villas: 75 Villas of ½ acre, 1/3 acre, 1/5 acre and 1/8 acre. Starter Homes: 70 units of Studio, 1 RK and 1BHK (Saleable Area ranging from 320 sq. ft. to 660 sq. ft.)

Pricing: Apartments : Lakeview facing @ Rs. 3,250/- per sq. ft and Valley facing @ Rs. 3100/- per sq. ft. Villas : Rate for Land is Rs. 100/- per sq. ft. and for Villa is Rs 3500/- per sq. ft. Starter Homes: Rs. 2450 per sq. ft.

Since all our earlier offerings have seen closures in record time, we suggest that you contact us at the earliest and avail this opportunity.

For bookings and other details, please contact our sales team on the following Nos.: Mumbai Office: 022 - 4025 6000 (extn. Nos. 6212/13/14/17) Lavasa Site Office: 020 - 6473 1020


answered 22 Jan '10, 17:30

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Not sure if they are currently taking bookings, but last I had heard (over a year back), it was between 2500-3500 per sqft of builtup bunglow. (rates varried based on size of bunglow, plot, location, etc.).


answered 02 Jan '10, 18:04

Amit%20Paranjape's gravatar image

Amit Paranjape ♦♦
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They aren't taking any bookings and not sure when the next phase is going to be launched, I had received the usual answer 'We will get in touch with you when we launch bookings for the next phase'. Yup as Amit mentioned those were the rates over a year ago.


answered 03 Jan '10, 16:41

Sachin%20Kadam's gravatar image

Sachin Kadam
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Check out this thread to converse with informed people on Pune's Real Estate

The best forum on Pune RE I came across.


answered 20 Jan '10, 11:39

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BTW, detour from the answer, I would like to put something to ponder upon. Check this links.

Before calculating the appreciation on RE investment, Pls take a moment to answer if you want to be part of their Sins ?


answered 20 Apr '10, 12:43

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This is an very Exclusive lot we had recently opened n got sold out in just 2 days...

Luckily I have got 1 exclusive apt of 2 bhk 1100 qsft available...which is Appreciation wise very effective.. const is just about to start so thrs a complete 24 months paym schedule... cost - 39,50,000/- current due is 6,50,000/- Remaining according to paym schedule - const progress...

1bhk exclusive at 4th Floor, portofino - 34 Lakh

Deck Apartment with private garden area 2bhk 1279sqft - 53.50 Lakh

Give a thought on this...


For Ultimate Land Options Contact: Residential . Industrial . Agricultural . Commercial

Anil Khandekar +91 9370273836


answered 11 Jan '11, 11:54

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current land rate


answered 19 Jan '11, 13:49

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i am looking for a residential land to construct a house...with small area of land...kindly let me know bout mail id is ""


answered 16 Dec '12, 18:56

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The rates for bungalow properties in Lavasa are in the range of 3500 to 4500 per sq.ft.


answered 25 Feb '14, 18:39

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